Hare Farm - Chickens, Ducks, Quail, Feed and Supplies for Sale




We breed most of our own birds using both incubators and broody hens.


Hybrid Chickens Available for Sale





Brown egg layers Can lay up to 300 eggs per year POL


Black Rocks Can lay around 260 - 280 eggs per year POL


Speckledy Can lay up to 250 brown eggs per year POL


Columbian Blacktail Can lay up to 300 eggs per year POL


Sussex Ranger Can lay 200+ eggs per year POL


Silver Sussex Can lay 200+ eggs per year POL


Bluebell Can lay around 200 - 240 eggs per year POL


Leghorn Type Can lay around 300 eggs per year POL


Amberlink Can lay around 280 eggs per year POL


Other Birds

Please contact us to see what breeds we have available.




Please contact us about chicks.

Breeding Stock


We breed Mixed Pekin, Vorwerk,Tolbunt Polands, Marans, Brahmas LF  Bantam Isabella Brahmas and possible Easter Eggers.

Please contact us for availability/ of specific breeds.




White  Campbell Utility Ducks and Khaki Campbell Ducks

£20 each




We have most of the hybrid types and some pure breeds

available contact us to see if we have what you want